About Fjords

Inspired by Norwegian nature since 1941
We have designed and manufactured furniture for 70 years. The two brothers Otto and at Mindor Hjellegjerde started it all in the fjord village Sykkylven in Norway.

In 1946, the third brother, Ingvar, joined the business. With a fierce dedication and great skill, the brothers managed to build a business that has become one of the largest furniture companies in Norway. We have grown from a small family business in a basement to what we are today, a company spread over four continents.

Resting Position

Fjords recliners have continuous reclining of the back and provide comprehensive support that prevents tiredness in your legs and back. Your individual resting position is easily achieved by moving your body.

Active Release System™

All of our recliners have a unique, built-in mechanism, Active Release System, that automatically provides the best neck and back support. If desired, it can easily be adjusted by a single movement to further enhance your seating experience.

Adjustable neck support

Some of our chairs have height-adjustable neck support with the built-in Active Release System. Our models are designed to support your spine comfortably in the correct places and angle to

create that personalized fit.

Several different bases

Different bases contribute to distinguish the various models of our recliner collections. Some models are available in two base styles, others in one. Choose the one that suits your inner designer.